Acadiana Rubber & Gasket is proud to offer welded metal hose assemblies for your most critical applications. We can weld hose systems up to 10” diameter in-house, and we are an authorize Hose Master distributor -the world’s leading metal hose manufacturer.
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Why Use Metal Hose

Metal Hose is frequently used in piping situations where:

  • There is a need to absorb the heat or pressure-induced expansion of the pipe system;

  • There is a need to compensate for misalignment, or to allow lateral movements of the system during exploitation;

  • High temperature fluids or gases have to be safely conveyed through a system under high pressure or under vacuum conditions;

  • When a system is subjected to a vibration there is a need for special products like corrugated metal hose;

  • When a system is exposed to high external heat, corrosion, or heavy or rough handling.

Metal Hose is used in many traditional and newly developed applications. For example, in the petroleum industry metal hoses are used as connections on catalytic cracking units, oil and gas burners, water lines on cooling systems of gas engines on drilling rigs. In chemical plants, corrugated hose is used for connections to weigh scales, loading and unloading tank trucks, for steam lines and for conveying any highly corrosive media. Steel Plants use metal corrugated metal hoses in applications such as cooling water hoses at furnaces and oxygen lance hoses, high temperature lubrication lines, and cooling power lines to electrical furnaces used on special alloy steels.

In power plants metal hoses are found in many facilities that employ steam and combustion turbine systems. Heavy-duty hoses can be fabricated from alloys developed specifically for very high temperatures. Penflex’s products are also used as a cooling aid to turbine blades on gas fired units, as a fuel atomizer line for oil fired burners or for conveying gas to gas fired burners.

Our metal hose products can also be found in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in both industrial and high-rise buildings. Some examples include pump connections to eliminate vibration on hot and chilled water pumps, for taking up lateral movement caused by expansion and contraction of piping and transitions imposed by seismic forces. They can also used as vibration isolators on refrigeration units and air conditioner compressors and cooling towers.

Acadiana Rubber & Gasket is a company with unique assembly and welding capabilities that result in high quality products that are safe, durable, and economic to use.